About Us


Bright Stonex (BS) has been redefining excellence in granite manufacturing since 2001. Established by Mr. Akhil Reddy, it is one of India’s oldest, largest and most reputed granite producers.

Incorporated in 2001 in Hyderabad, Telangana, Bright Stonex is one of the major granite manufacturing companies in India. We are engaged in manufacturing, trading and exporting of finished granites in the form of slabs and tiles. Our company is registered under the 100% Export Oriented Unit Scheme of the Government of India, and enjoys the status of an Export House

Bright Stonex has created world class infrastructure by commissioning fully automatic machinery such as gangsaws, multi-wires, multi head line polishing machines, multi blade block cutters, high-definition slab image scanners, etc. This equipment have been sourced from leading manufacturers from around the world. What’s more, we have a dedicated team of professionals with a rich and varied experience and industry expertise.

Our organization has been founded on the strong principles of quality, integrity and transparency. These inherent values have been our guiding lights on our road to excellence and global leadership.

Our commitment to delivering the best has been reinforced by accolades and awards from the industry– winning the best customer award from bank, award for distinguished growth from the Government of India, award from all India granite association, from various prestigious bodies and year of experience.

Our Mission

Our organisation has been founded on the strong principles of quality, integrity and transparency. These values have been our guiding lights on our road to excellence and global leadership.

Our Vision

To be the largest and most reputed granite producers in India by developing quality products that adhere to international standards

Why Choose Us?

With our efforts and dedication, we have reached where we are today. Having been in the granite industry for 23 years now, we have secured a global foothold for ourselves. So, what makes our company unique and different?

  • 100% Export Oriented Unit
  • Extensive range of granites: tiles and slab
  • Export award winner from CAPEXIL
  • Offering a range of stones: granite, marble, quartz and sandstone
  • Choose from a palette of colours, finishes and textures
  • State of the art factory equipped with imported machinery
  • Backed by an experienced and talented workforce
  • 100% quality assured products
  • Ability to cut the stone according to client specifications
  • Timely delivery
  • Prompt after sales


We are a quality-conscious company that places a great value on the best possible standards. We are committed to providing top-notch services, products of the highest calibre, and a wide selection of goods. Our delivery on time and after-sales support are our USPs. Only when our products pass the strict quality inspections are they sent.

Our production process is overseen by knowledgeable staff. For walls, floors, and counters, we provide tiles and slabs. We have the ability to cut the granite to the precise size required by the client, depending on the use. Also, we provide granite with a variety of finishes, including mirror-polish, honed, flamed, leather, or satin.

Before delivering the products to our clients, we check them on various quality parameters such as sheen, size, shape, texture and colour and cut-to-size materials for specific applications.


Our production facility is state-of-the-art and has a unique calibrating and polishing plant. We can fulfil all of our clients' requirements thanks to our cutting-edge production facility. Modern technology is used in our calibration factory to create products with the high level of precision needed for each project.

Our equipment comes from Europe. Our tools and machinery have given us a global presence. Our facility is equipped with gang saws, wire saws, block cutters, filter presses, and multi-head slab polishing lines.

Our personnel, which includes craftsmen and a group of granite experts for quality inspections, is perhaps our company's greatest asset. Our staff concentrates on creating a high-quality product, making sure it is delivered on time, and providing rapid after-sales care.